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Storage Management
Storage Management Solutions Overview
The data storage explosion of the 21st Century has been significant and the IBM zSeries Mainframe platform is being deployed for substantial data base capacities, big data workloads and associated applications (E.g. Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, et al). As with any resource management challenge, Storage Management is no different, and so the ability to automate management tasks, optimize resource usage and increase data availability are the basic requirements for any Mainframe Storage Management department.

Value-4IT are delighted to work with Dino-Software who deliver a comprehensive suite of Storage Management software, primarily for the IBM zSeries Mainframe platform. Arguably Dino-Software are one of the few if not only sizable storage focussed ISV, continuously evolving and innovating storage management solutions to satisfy rapidly growing Mainframe storage capacities and associated IBM zSeries platform enhancements. Value-4IT are honoured to work with Optica Technologies, a company with a rich heritage in IBM Mainframe I/O connectivity solutions and more latterly a 21st century VTL option, zVT.  Additionally Value-4IT are also proud to work with Technical Storage with their  high function and TCO optimization solution, namely Easy Analyze Disk Management (EADM), further extending the breadth and coverage of Mainframe storage solutions provided by Value-4IT.

IBM zSeries Storage Management Solutions
T-REX T-REX - Comprehensive catalog management capabilities eliminate the need to purchase & maintain many smaller utilities required for back-up & disaster recovery requirements. With T-REX there is no need to learn & work with different utilities from an assortment of vendors. Consistency in usage & syntax ensure minimal time is required to fix your problem & reinstate data availability. T-REX has everything needed for catalog maintenance and recovery in one comprehensive product.
REORGADON REORGADON - A utility for reorganizing IBM's Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFSMShsm) Control Data Sets (CDS). HSM uses three different control data sets; Backup Control Data Set (BCDS), Migration Control Data Set (MCDS) & Offline Control Data Set (OCDS). These control data sets maybe used by HSM in a multi-host environment on single or multiple systems. REORGADON delivers HSM control data set reorganization while these files are active & on-line to HSM, without having to shutdown & restart HSM.
TERADON TERADON - A utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another even if the data sets are open. Functionality similar to IBM's REPRO MERGECAT, but with exponentially faster runtimes & many more options. Without TERADON, the user is typically forced to schedule standalone time to perform the REPRO MERGECAT. With TERADON, online systems can remain active & their files can remain open. Access requests for each OPEN file that has had its catalog records moved will automatically be redirected to the new target catalog by TERADON.
HSM-ADMIN HSM-ADMIN - A DFSMShsm (HSM) health monitoring utility that provides reports on your current & historical mission critical data, as well as diagnostic auditing of problem issue areas, allowing timely resolutions, simplifying management & increasing data availability.  Extended reporting for all HSM file structures, thorough health-check auditing & flexible error correction functionality ensure a timely  & comprehensive view of your environment, delivering the function & flexibility required to improve your environment's productivity.
XTINCT XTINCT - A comprehensive & efficient tool for wiping data from DASD & tape storage media to ensure the original data is unrecoverable.  This functions provides users with the requisite levels of protection to ensure data security compliance with all regulatory (E.g. Basel II, DoD, European Data Protection Directive, Gramm-Leach-Bliley HIPAA, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Sarbanes-Oxley, et al) requirements.
UDM Universal Data Manager - An Enterprise Level z/OS Storage Management GUI for intelligently managing System z storage resources & assets, including ICF Catalogs, DASD Volumes, DFSMS objects, Spool data and other related storage objects. The simplicity of solution deployment & automated analysis provides the requisite controls, information & reporting needed to proactively manage the dynamics of modern System z storage environments.
zVT zVT - A Granular, Modular & Scalable IBM Mainframe VTL, suitable for all Z IBM Mainframe users. Scaling from 1 to 8 nodes, delivering ~500-4,000 MB/S performance, supporting capacities measured from tens of TB to tens of PB; The zVT product family delivers benefit from the same underlying latest technology high availability architecture, via modular increases in performance & capacity, for an acceptable cost.
EADM EADM - Delivers an automated and intelligent daily health check of the entire System z disk I/O subsystem resource. Operations and performance teams are alerted as soon as performance variances occur, typically in minutes, assisting in the identification of underlying root problems, causing changes in system behaviour. Incorporating intelligent and meaningful I/O performance indicators, with drill-down and zoom-in ability, storage technicians can determine if the problem is temporary, permanent, local or global.

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