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TERADON: An Advanced Tool for Moving BCS Entries Between Catalogs
TERADON is a z/OS utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another. This functionality is similar to IBM's REPRO MERGECAT. TERADON can be run in a batch mode, similar to IDCAMS, but with exponentially faster runtimes and many more options. The TERADON REPRO MERGECAT command can also be run with the WHILEOPEN keyword. This provides the capability of moving catalog entries for files that are currently OPEN.

Without TERADON, the user is typically forced to schedule standalone system time to perform the REPRO MERGECAT, as allocated files cannot be moved using the standard IDCAMS function.

With TERADON, online systems can remain active and their files can remain open. Requests for each OPEN file that has had its catalog records moved will automatically be redirected to the new target catalog by TERADON.

TERADON has two major functions, MIRROR and REPRO. TERADON MIRROR is used to report on information from the TERADON address space and mirroring routines. This will include a list of all files which remain OPEN since the REPRO MERGECAT WHILEOPEN was processed. Once a file has been CLOSED, TERADON automatically removes the file from its control.

When using the WHILEOPEN capabilities, TERADON will create an address space (ORXMAIN) and dynamically enable its catalog management mirroring routines. The ORXMAIN address space monitors files requiring mirroring. This ensures that catalog management requests are correctly handled and directed to the target ICF catalog.

When using the WHILEOPEN feature, TERADON will require 8K of ECSA and 8 bytes of CSA. All other storage areas are contained within the TERADON address space, ORXMAIN and its associated common data space, ORXDATA.

TERADON REPRO is used to select and move entries from one BCS to another. It is comprised of two integrated components. The first is the batch "REPRO MERGECAT". This utilizes powerful selection capabilities to perform a basic REPRO MERGECAT when files are not OPEN. The second component is "REPRO MERGECAT WHILEOPEN". The "WHILEOPEN" option enables the catalog entries to be moved while selected datasets remain OPEN.

Each component of TERADON REPRO contains a robust SIMULATE feature. The TERADON SIMULATE feature:

Produces a list of selected files for the REPRO MERGECAT activity.
Produces a list of files that are currently OPEN for WHILEOPEN processing.
Reads the TARGET catalog for conflict resolution purposes, identifying potential duplicate entries.

Quite simply, TERADON provides an easy-to-use solution that assists the IBM Mainframe Data Centre achieve near 24*7 data availability; either by dramatically reducing the elapsed time associated with a standalone REPRO MERGECAT operation, or more importantly, allowing a REPRO MERGECAT operation to be processed during typical day-to-day operations.

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Another advanced ICF catalog management function for 24*7 data availability.
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