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T-REX: The Premier Catalog Management Solution
All IBM Mainframe Data Centres are striving for 24*7 availability, but does system availability guarantee data availability? An IBM Mainframe platform is generally chosen for mission critical workloads and its 40+ year legacy of delivering the highest levels of availability. However, if an ICF catalog structure fails, either logically or physically, what impact does this have on system availability, or more likely mission critical workload operability? Traditionally daily back-ups of ICF catalog structures was the norm, maybe supplemented by forward recovery using SMF records. Clearly the downtime associated with such an approach is significant, while the cost to the business, sometimes very costly in terms of measurable lost revenue and intangible in terms of customer perception...

T-REX has been developed by the original developers of the first such catalog management tool, namely the VSAM Mechanic, which then evolved into the Catalog Solution (CSL) product from Softworks. However, T-REX architecture was conceived from square one, using an Access Methods Services/Extended (AMS/E) approach, generating the functionality required for delivering 24*7 ICF catalog availability, something which the original Access Method Services (AMS) was not designed for, regardless of Data Facility Product (DFP) evolutions, for example, DFSMS. Suffice to say, numerous Global 1000 and ~85% of USA Fortune 500 companies deploy catalog management technology conceived and written by Dino-Software developers!

The T-REX product is the fastest most comprehensive catalog management and recovery solution available. T-REX is the newest, most comprehensive catalog management, VSAM cluster and TMC synchronization tool on the market. It helps safeguard ICF catalog and Tape Management Subsystem (TMS) inventory data (E.g. CA-1 TMC, DFSMSrmm CDS) in five key areas, namely Maintenance, Diagnostics, Reporting, Backup and Recovery.

This one tool that complements Access Method Services (AMS) provides all of the utilities required to simplify management of catalog and TMS structures, while providing the critical backup and recovery capabilities required to protect data in the event of minor problems or major disasters. T-REX supports all VSAM clusters, including KSDS, ESDS, RRDS, VRRDS and LINEAR. As another value-added functionality first, T-REX provides the availability conscious business with the capability to REORG a catalog while it is open, being yet another demonstration of T-REX providing continuous availability...

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Dino-Software and T-REX, passionate about your ICF catalog integrity & availability!
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