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HSA: An Easy-To-Use Real-Time DFSMShsm Administration Solution
HSM Admin is an HSM (DFSMShsm) health monitoring utility that provides reports on your current and historical mission critical data, as well as diagnostic auditing of problem issue areas so corrections can be made quickly to save you time and money.


Provides a centralized way to view and manage all your DFSMShsm records.
Performs automatic discovery of major DFSMShsm points of failure.
Exports report data for use with external reporting tools.
Customizes report contents and saves them for quick and easy access.
Generates an extensive variety of commands for the processing of data.
Utilizes built-in and custom error correction facilities.

Extensive Real-Time HSM Reporting
HSM Admin includes a wide-range of report formats that provide you with the details you need to keep an eye on your DFSMShsm environment. With these reports you can view specific information related to the CDS (Control Data Sets - BCDS, MCDS, OCDS), log, and internal DFSMShsm data records for a quick and comprehensive view of your environment.

Thorough Health Auditing
Monitoring the health of your HSM environment is critical to its accuracy and productivity. The HSM Admin audit process pinpoints errors with precision and accuracy to prevent loss of services and downtime due to storage shortages, recall/migration failures, and out-of-date backups of essential data. With this comprehensive diagnostic information, you can determine the next course of action to fine-tune and correct your DFSMShsm data records and eliminate these sources of frustration.

Flexible Error Correction
Because every HSM environment can have its own unique set of problems or issues, HSM Admin provides built-in audit fixes from the simple to the complex.  HSM Admin also provides the tools necessary so you can quickly and easily create and implement your own custom audit fixes so you have more power and flexibility to improve your environment's productivity.

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An Easy-To-Use Real-Time DFSMShsm Administration Solution.
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