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Value-4IT are an independent software & professional services company offering diverse & in-depth business facing experience for IBM System z Mainframe, UNIX, Linux & Windows platforms.

Our experienced personnel provide our valued customers with a wide range of business, process & technical skills, maximizing the business value for IT resources within your organization.  Our philosophy is a combination of pragmatic & structured delivery via TCA, TCO & ROI methodologies, safeguarding the timely implementation of cost efficient IT solutions for business improvement initiatives.

We welcome the opportunity of working with & delivering business benefit to our valued customers.
Latest News
12 April 2022
Simplified Business Facing IBM Z Mainframe DevOps APM Problem Determination
Latest News
9 April 2021
IBM Z Mainframe Pre-Production Testing: Spring Into Stress Testing via zBuRST
11 November 2020
UK GSE Presentation: Db2 CPU Optimization: Static SQL In Memory Processing
1 September 2020
Pervasive Encryption & Compression: Why z15 Upgrade Activities Are Optimal & Strategic
1 May 2020
Simplifying Db2 for z/OS CPU Optimization: Eradicating Inefficient SQL Processing
1 March 2020
Smartphone Security Dependency: Applying Mainframe Common Sense To Real Life...
6 November 2019
UK GSE Presentation: Securing z/OS FTP Transmissions
4 June 2019
Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z: A Viable R4HA Alternative?
1 December 2018
IBM Z Solution Consumption License Charges (SCLC): A Viable R4HA Alternative?
13 November 2018
IBM Z Mainframe VTL End Of Support (EOS): A Problem Or Opportunity?
1 April 2018
Enabling IBM Z Security For The Cloud: Meltdown & Spectre Observations
1 February 2018
Maximizing IBM Z System Of Record (SOR) Data Value: Is ETL Still Relevant?
2 December 2017
The Open Systems Adapter (OSA): Delivering ~25 Years IBM Mainframe IP Connectivity
1 November 2017
Optimizing Mission Critical Data Value – IBM Machine Learning for z/OS
1 October 2017
The Ever Changing IBM Z Mainframe Disaster Recovery Requirement
3 September 2017
IBM Z Server: Best In Class For Availability – Does Form Factor Matter?
1 August 2017
IBM z14: Pervasive Encryption & Container Pricing
1 July 2017
z Systems Software & Applications Currency: MQ Continuous & as a Service Delivery Models
1 June 2017
System z DevOps & ALM Integration: Evolution or Revolution?
1 May 2017
Optimize Your System z ROI with z Operational Insights (zOI)
1 April 2017
DB2: Internal Subsystem Security vs. External Security Manager (ESM)?
1 March 2017
System z: I/O Interoperability Evolution – From Bus & Tag to FICON
1 February 2017
zHyperLink: Just Another System z DASD I/O Function Enhancement?
2 January 2017
System z Batch Optimization: Another Pipes Option?
1 December 2016
The Software Defined Mainframe (SDM): An Alternative Approach?
2 November 2016
UK GSE zCMPA Presentation: DASD I/O Performance Management Is Easy?
1 November 2016
z/VM: The Most Flexible System z Operating System?
3 October 2016
IBM Doc Buddy: System z Mobile Problem Diagnosis
3 September 2016
zAPI: System z Deployment Into The API Economy
3 August 2016
Are You Ready For z Systems Workload Pricing for Cloud (zWPC) for z/OS?
5 July 2016
All Flash & Substance – Is The System z Microsecond The New Millisecond?
19 June 2016
Discover IBM DS8870 zHyperWrite Value Add Via Technical Storage EADM Tool
7 June 2016
Blockchain: A New Application Development Paradigm – What About System z?
3 May 2016
The IBM Mainframe: A Several Year Hardware Refresh Cycle?
6 April 2016
The IBM Mainframe: A Closed & Difficult To Commission Platform?
1 March 2016
z13s: An Affordable IBM Mainframe For Encrypted Hybrid Clouds?
7 September 2015
Michael Moss & Syncsort Interview About The System z Mainframe
11 March 2019
PerfTechPro Delivers PerfTechPro zAnalytics Version 3 Release 2, Delivering IBM System Z Transaction Reporting
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