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Value-4IT Software Solutions Overview
Intelligent, modern & usable software solutions enable organizations to maximize efficiencies for managing their ever growing & complex IT infrastructures. This is certainly true for IBM Mainframe environments, where there is a requirement to combine traditional Mainframe management techniques with modern presentation (E.g. PC GUI, Web Browser) methodologies. Therefore allowing the latest generation of Mainframe technicians to manage the IBM zSeries infrastructures, without necessarily knowing the “bits & Bytes” or “nuts & bolts” of the underlying architectures.

At Value-4IT, we are also totally committed to delivering software solutions with demonstrable short-term ROI and long-term TCO reduction benefits, safeguarding that our customers derive maximum value from their software related expenditure. We work with our carefully chosen software partner community to provide flexible software licensing options for our customers, not just the traditional CPU power (I.E. MIPS, MSU) based metrics; but other options that can recognize the customers actual business (E.g. # of Customers/Policies/Transactions, et al) or associated Mainframe resource usage (E.g. DASD TB Used, RACF Users, MSU R4HA, et al).

The software solutions provided by Value-4IT are categorized as:

1. Storage Management: For z/OS disk & tape resource management & optimization
2. Systems Management: Management & optimization of z/OS base & primary subsystems

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