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Softlib iSolve - Enterprise Wide Problem Resolution Acceleration Solution
The Softlib iSolve solution assists Development, Technical Support and Helpdesk experts reduce Problem Resolution time for technical support activities. Additionally, iSolve provides self-help for end users, empowering them to resolve their own problems, thus reducing the amount of problems escalated and improving overall service accordingly. The iSolve solution works in harmony with existing Technical Support and Problem Management solutions and processes, integrating seamlessly with Service Desk systems, Technical Support software, Bug Tracking systems, CRM and Knowledge bases, et al.

Problem Resolution - The Challenge
A typical Problem Resolution cycle is split into Problem Detection, Solution Identification and Solution Delivery phases. In some cases there are automated technologies that help automate some Problem Resolution actions. The majority of time spent during Problem Resolution is typically expended on non-automated activities where personnel are fire fighting the more complex issues, for example:

The Typical Incident & Problem Resolution Cycle

Recent industry analyst information from Forrester Research indicates that the Solution Identification phase takes as much as 50% of the overall Problem Resolution cycle. This is due in large part to the number amount of Information Technology (IT) experts required for each problem detected, in order to determine a potential solution.

Problem Resolution - The iSolve Solution
By working smarter as opposed to harder, the iSolve solution from Softlib empowers technology experts to reduce Problem Resolution time, sometimes by as much as 10* faster, thus minimizing business down time, while improving service levels and reducing overall costs, as per:

The Optimized iSolve Problem Resolution Cycle

How iSolve Works
iSolve unifies and centralizes technical documentation, regardless of platform and file type, standard data formats via in-built connectors or proprietary data sources via API, using smart search algorithms to present data in a structured and usable format:

An innovative technology based on analytical algorithms that index and rate potential solutions to technical problems, so the technical support staff can focus on the most likely solutions
Tailored end user search capabilities, considering their search preferences, taking into account their favourite documentation resources, et al
Integrates multiple sources of information, providing a holistic view of potential solutions. Information sources include public Web resources, vendor technical information, internal knowledge bases, file servers, Emails, portals, service desk, technical support “tickets”, CRM systems, et al
Extends existing knowledge bases/repositories by leveraging from the associated within the solution search methodology, eradicating the data loading or duplication requirement
Vendor documentation is automatically updated to reflect the most current documentation
Web based browsing or free format text search, making iSolve simple and easy to use
A Self Help module that allows end users to find solutions without the need for escalation
Seamless integration into Service Desk and Business Service Management processes further streamlines personnel activity, from Problem Detection through to Problem Resolution
An integral part of the ITIL Service Support and Service Assurance environments

iSolve Benefits
iSolve reduces overall TCO and improves business Service Levels by minimizing Problem Resolution time and associated personnel costs:

Eradicate 30% of issues by providing Self Help for end users
Resolution reduction time of ~90% for all associated IT personnel
Reduce problem escalation from one department/entity to another by ~50%
Improve business service availability metrics, by reducing business interruptions
Seamless integration eliminates the need to introduce another solution/application
Easy to implement and use, installed in hours, fully deployed in several days, and thus immediate ROI
Complements structured IT methodologies such as ITIL, ISO20000, et al

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Delivering the Right Solution at First Contact for Technology Users
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