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Value-4IT Professional Services Introduction
The modus operandi of Value-4IT professional services is to deliver timely and pragmatic business and technical expertise to maximize the efficiencies of IT solutions for business requirements. The Value-4IT team encapsulate a diverse set of skills and expertise from customer, supplier and consultancy environments, allowing us to be the "poacher turned gamekeeper" delivering a well-rounded devil's advocate approach to client challenges.

The independent nature of Value-4IT also allows us to be both dispassionate and incisive during client based IT projects, leveraging from our demonstrable market place knowledge having worked with major IHV's, ISV's and Blue Chip client's via a totally independent modus operandi, supplemented by the practical and hands-on experience of actually delivering objectives via structured and timely implementation. Ultimately Value-4IT are seeking and evolving long-term relationships with our valued client base, becoming periodic, sometimes tactical, but generally strategic mentors, as and when required, while constantly striving to become the client's trusted advisor.

The well-rounded experience of Value-4IT indicates that generally clients engage suppliers to deliver solutions based on tangible business requirements, but all too often the overall solution is tailored and therefore compromised to meet the product and skill base of the supplier solutions. Generally this is not always obvious until after the solution has been deployed, with obvious business and cost repercussions, generating the all too often voiced phrase of "yet another failed IT project"! At Value-4IT we truly believe in "knowing when to say no" and "to finish first, first you have to finish", while we facilitate such decisions via the use of Requirements Matrices, ROI and TCO Calculators, Balanced Scorecards, Structured Projects, all based on our double-sided RASCI philosophy, as per:

Traditional RASCI: Responsibility, Accountability, Supportive, Consultative & Informed
Value-4IT RASCI: Risk, Assessment, Service-ITIL, Control & Implementation

Independent, specialized, dispassionate and value-based consultancy...
Oral delivery aims at persuasion and making the listener believe they are converted. Few persons are capable of being convinced; the majority allow themselves to be persuaded.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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