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zVT 5000-FLEX: A Cost Optimized IBM Mainframe Tape-On-Disk VTL
The zVT 5000-FLEX Virtual Tape Node (VTN) enables you to leverage from existing investments in NFS (IP) or Fibre Channel (SAN) storage. The zVT 5000-FLEX connects to the IBM Mainframe via (2) FICON interfaces, scaling from 16-256 Virtual Tape Drive (VTD) resources (I.E. 3490, 3590) in a single 2U appliance. zVT 5000-FLEX is available with (2) 1-GbE, (2) 10-GbE or (2) 8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports for backend connectivity to your existing disk storage arrays. The zVT 5000-FLEX exploits data reduction, encryption and replication storage features deployed by your organization. The zVT 5000-FLEX can be configured in a multiple node (I.E. 2-8) configuration with NFS storage for additional scalability and resiliency.

zVT 5000-FLEX Standard Features
Each zVT 5000-FLEX VTN incorporates the following standard features:

Host Connectivity: (2) 8Gbps FICON channel interfaces
Virtual Tape Drives: (16, 64 or 256) 3490/3590 Virtual Tape Drive (VTD) resources per VTN
Storage Connectivity: (2) 1-GbE, (2) 10-GbE or (2) 8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports
Compression: Standard on-board hardware compression
Configuration Management: Easy to use CLI, GUI and JCL interfaces
Form Factor: Standard 2U appliance, based on Enterprise Class Intel server
Scalability & Resiliency: multiple VTN (I.E. 2-8) configuration flexibility with NFS storage

zVT 5000-FLEX Benefits
Ultimately zVT is just another IBM Z Mainframe tape (I.E. 3490, 3590) device, benefitting from the latest IT market place technologies, packaged with a flexible architecture for affordable granular growth in terms of capacity, performance and availability:

Interoperability: seamlessly works with all IBM Z disk and tape hardware and software storage solutions
Optimized ROI: leverage capacity and function investments in existing NFS or FC disk arrays
Simplified DR Processes: potential to store all tape backups on customer chosen NFS or FC disk array
Standard Support: supports all major IBM Z operating systems, Linux on z, z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE
VTL Filesystem: uses industry standard AWS file format, simplifying VTL migration considerations
Performance: ~500 MB/S performance (based on typical IBM Mainframe tape workloads) per VTN
Investment Protection: zVT benefits from regular field upgradable technology updates, eradicating EOS concerns
Intelligent Support: Streamlined 24*7 support, for simplified diagnostics collection and problem resolution
Optimized Maintenance: zVT leverages from the latest technologies to optimize on-going annual support costs

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zVT 5000-FLEX: A Cost Optimized IBM Mainframe Tape-On-Disk VTL
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