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ConicIT/MF: First Fault Performance Problem Resolution
There are many studies regarding the cost of downtime, while typically these are related to Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) scenarios, which may or may not be business critical application related. Typically DR and BC disciplines take a system wide perspective of providing business critical services with the minimum of downtime. However, the cost of downtime is both tangible in terms of lost productivity and revenue, and intangible, in terms of business perception from the users of such systems, namely the clients and customers themselves.

The cost of downtime and safeguarding high availabilityis still clearly a high priority for most businesses, but are there other type of application failures that might impact a business?

Whether IBM Mainframe or not, business critical applications are comprised of numerous tiers and layers, and their interconnectivity is somewhat of an intricate web. For sure a problem is a problem, but while rigorous testing supplemented by change and problem management disciplines safeguard from problem proliferation, problems will occur, generally intangible and performance related. Therefore perhaps a fundamental part of application availability is diagnosing problems as quickly as possible, safeguarding that history doesn’t repeat itself, maintaining mission critical application uptime and service performance. Put another way, minimizing the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) for a business application, while as a consequence, hopefully exponentially elongating the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Expediting long-term problem resolution is not always easy, due to the system component interdependency of business applications, and so often the focus is on reinstating systems as quickly as possible, while maybe sometimes root cause identification is not always achieved in acceptable timescales, if at all. However, what if there could be an “Expert Witness” at the scene of the problem, would this help?

The objective of ConicIT/MF is to be a Proactive Performance Management for First Fault Performance Problem Resolution solution. By interfacing with standard system monitors (E.g. ASG-TMON, BMC MAINVIEW, CA SYSVIEW, IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON), ConicIT/MF uses sophisticated mathematic models to perform proactive, intelligent and significant data reduction, quickly highlighting possible causes of problems, allowing for efficient problem determination. Put another way, Systems Management Performance Monitors provide a wealth of data, but sometimes there’s too much data and not enough information. ConicIT safeguards that the value of the data provided by Systems Management Performance Monitors is analyzed and consolidated to expedite performance problem resolution.

Furthermore and more importantly, safeguarding timely root cause problem resolution is of fundamental importance for all organizations, especially Mission Critical Line Of Business Applications that are IBM Mainframe based. ConicIT/MF is a flexible solution that delivers benefits within hours, while refinements can easily be applied at a business application level, reflecting the uniqueness of each and every business, thus further reducing the elapsed time associated with problem resolution. Therefore from a benefits viewpoint, ConicIT/MF minimizes the personnel time required for problem resolution, maximizing associated application availabilities, while not utilizing any IBM Mainframe resources (E.g. CPU MIPS/MSU’s, Memory, Etc.), being an outboard network (IP) resident solution. Thus ConicIT/MF is a significant piece of the “increased availability” jigsaw, safeguarding “cost of downtime” concerns...

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Safeguarding mission critical application availability & performance objectives.
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