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z/OS WLC Analysis
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Complementary z/OS WLC Analysis: VWLC-SCRT Software Cost Optimization
z/OS software cost optimization is a key objective and activity for all IBM Mainframe sites. For IBM software, Workload License Charges (WLC) are generally the lowest cost pricing metric, where Sub-Capacity delivers a “pay for what you use” mechanism, controlled by the associated Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) invoice. Variable (VWLC, EWLC) and Advanced (AWLC, AEWLC) workload charges are typically controlled by the underlying Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA), where the IBM Mainframe user strives to find the optimum MSU resource allocation metrics via Defined Capacity (DC) for a single LPAR or Group Capacity Limit (GCL) for an LPAR group. Whether from a Soft Capping or workload management viewpoint, the savvy and business conscious Mainframe user defines workload prioritization via the Workload Manager (WLM).

For the constantly changing z/OS workload, ideally there would be numerous DC/GCL and associated WLM policies, safeguarding that MSU usage was optimized, while business workloads completed as expected. With the standard IBM Soft Capping and WLM function, clearly this is not possible, and so best endeavours MSU settings are applied, perhaps as a periodic one-off exercise.

The zDynaCap software solution delivers a “Capacity Balancing” mechanism, integrating with R4HA and WLM methodologies, but constantly monitoring MSU usage to determine whether CPU resource can be reallocated to Mission & Time Critical workloads, based upon granular customer policies.

Please Click Here and complete our simple contact form, for a complementary benefits analysis, to learn how the zDynaCap software solution can assist you in optimizing z/OS WLC software costs, while safeguarding Mission & Time Critical workloads complete as per business expectations (E.g. SLA, KPI).

This analysis uses your real-life SMF Type 70 & 89 (SCRT) and Type 72 (WLM) data, simulating how the R4HA could be reduced and available MSU resource be allocated to Mission & Time Critical workloads, safeguarding their high priority. The deliverables of this analysis are:

High-level cost benefits analysis of possible savings (E.g. typical ROI of 3-6 Months)
High-level analysis of WLM policy performance and potential for tuning
As and if required, customized software installation resources for your installation

For more information regarding z/OS WLC optimization services, please feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation discussion regarding your requirements. Thank you.
Optimization encompasses not just hardware, but software, services, systems management disciplines and "best practices" that tie it all together.
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