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Effective, Affordable & Intelligent Capacity Management Solution - 6 September 2013

Value-4IT and PerfTechPro Partnership Announcement
Value-4IT are delighted to announce their partnership with PerfTechPro and in particular their flagship PerfTechPro for z/OS Capacity Planning & Performance Management solution. Michael Moss, CEO of Value-4IT states, "we were delighted to be considered by PerfTechPro to promote their Capacity Planning & Performance Management solutions for distribution throughout Europe. The demonstrable TCO and ROI ethos of PerfTechPro to deliver high-function and cost efficient Capacity Planning & Performance Management solutions is clearly aligned with the Value-4IT mission of helping zSeries customers reduce cost and save money".

Founded by former IBM staffers and capacity planning and performance management industry veterans William Shelden, PhD, and William Hart, PerfTechPro is designed to deliver sophisticated, affordable, easy-to-use solutions for IT management professionals looking for fast, insightful help without high-cost, complex and time-consuming purchasing and licensing requirements.

William Shelden, CEO of PerfTechPro, said "the Value-4IT partnership is an important step in introducing PerfTechPro’s no-nonsense approach to capacity planning and performance management to new markets".

"Value-4IT’s intimate understanding of its market and customers will ensure that PerfTechPro’s cost-cutting, performance-enhancing value will be fully exploited", Mr. Shelden said.

The CPU capacity associated with IBM Mainframe zSeries server continues to grow at pace, aligned with the ability for the 21st Century business to deploy diverse and modern day applications on this platform. The need for intelligent and accurate Capacity Planning has never been so important, as the “ground zero” challenge for any IBM Mainframe customer, is safeguarding that they have the right zSeries Server installed for their environment. Potentially there are significant cost implications, both in terms of initial hardware acquisition and on-going TCO (E.g. Software), associated with inaccurate CPU capacity forecasting.

Michael Moss further states, "the ability to model CPU capacity requirements with real-life customer CPU usage is a mandatory requirement and PerfTechPro for z/OS includes support for the CPU Measurement Facility (CPU MF), delivered with z10 and subsequent generation zSeries Servers. Not only does PerfTechPro for z/OS support the SMF Type 113 (CPU MF) record, it also provides the required functionality for customers to analyse real life usage for the ever increasing complexity of CPU chip cache levels, as per the Relative Nest Intensity (RNI) metric". PerfTechPro for z/OS provides comprehensive end-to-end support for the z/OS Mainframe Capacity Management process:

1. CPU Sizing
2. Forecasting
3. Modelling
4. Correlation Analysis

Michael Moss concludes "without doubt the complexities and importance of IBM Mainframe Capacity Planning should never be under estimated and the introduction of a new product to assist customers with this process should be welcomed by the Mainframe community. Building a new product from the bottom-up has provided the opportunity to easily incorporate all modern day function, while streamlining the Capacity Planning process. With PerfTechPro, you're not limited to a proprietary, or even a single database for performance data retention. PerfTechPro enables the use of any platform or any relational database (E.g. Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle). PerfTechPro is also designed to support a wide breadth of performance data sources (E.g. SMF, RMF, CICS, DB2, CPU Measurement Facility), while also providing conversion capabilities for historic CPU usage data stored in other performance databases".

For more information regarding the PerfTechPro for z/OS, please feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation discussion regarding your requirements. Thank you.
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