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Intelligent z/OS MSU Management Delivering Lower WLC Costs - 4 March 2013

Value-4IT and zIT Consulting Partnership Announcement
Value-4IT are delighted to announce their partnership for the UK and Eire territories with zIT Consulting and their intelligent z/OS MSU management solutions, delivering lower WLC costs. Michael Moss, CEO of Value-4IT states, "Rarely do you meet a company with a similar ethos and related values, and so we were delighted to encounter with zIT Consulting, with their focus and expertise in the area of z/OS software pricing and optimization. The easily identifiable TCO and ROI ethos of zIT Consulting to deliver high-function and cost efficient solutions is clearly aligned to the Value-4IT mission of perpetually lowering TCO with fair software pricing and a demonstrable short-term ROI".

Johannes Peeters, CEO of zIT Consulting, states "We found that the expertise and experience of Value-4IT is a perfect fit with ours. Just as we do for our customers, they strive to find the best solution for their customers, helping them to get the best payback out of the investments in IBM’s zSeries platform".

The requirement to optimize z/OS software costs is forever thus and primarily this is best achieved by deploying the Workload License charges (WLC) methodology, delivering a “pay for what you use” type metric. However, no two z/OS workloads or indeed LPAR environments are the same, and so configuring the optimal single configuration from a CPU (MSU) viewpoint is arguably an impossible task. However, by extending the basic IBM soft-capping methodology of Defined Capacity (DC) and Group Capacity Limit (GCL), allowing MSU resource to be “shared” between a single LPAR, LPAR groups, with low and high watermark settings, Mission & Time Critical workloads can process as per business expectations (E.g. SLA, KPI), without impacting the Rolling Four Hour Average (R4HA) and the related SCRT invoice.

Michael Moss further states, "IBM Mainframe users, both large and small can deliver significant cost benefit by even a relatively small (E.g. 5%) reduction in MSU usage. For the small z/OS user (E.g. ~50 MSU), the overall cost per MSU is somewhat higher than the larger z/OS user (E.g. ~2,000 MSU), due to the decreasing cost per MSU, as MSU capacity increases. A ~50 MSU z/OS user might pay ~£60,000 per month for their WLC software and so even a 3 MSU reduction can generate significant annual cost savings. Similarly a ~2,000 MSU z/OS user might pay ~£500,000 per month, where a ~100 MSU reduction can generate significant cost savings. The principle of CPU usage optimization is the same and the Capacity Balancing attributes of the zIT Consulting zDynaCap solution allows any sized z/OS user to define flexible MSU usage policies, safeguarding Mission & Time Critical workloads complete as per expectations, for the lowest WLC cost”.

Michael Moss concludes "Just like Value-4IT, zIT Consulting have extensive experience working with IBM Mainframe customers, helping them reduce z/OS software costs. They are delivering this experience with a combination of software solutions and related services, with a granularity of product offering, where zDynaCap provides an easy-to-use and cost-efficient solution for optimizing MSU usage. Additionally, their zPrice Manager product provides even further function and granular flexibility for those Mainframe Customers requiring the ability to micro-manage their WLC environments. We are very pleased to be selected by zIT Consulting as their UK and Eire partner and look forward to working with them accordingly".

For more information regarding zIT Consulting software solutions, please feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation discussion regarding your requirements. Thank you.
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