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Enterprise Security Software - 28 February 2011

Value-4IT & Vanguard Integrity Professionals Partnership Announcement
Value-4IT are delighted to announce their partnership with Vanguard Integrity Professionals and their comprehensive portfolio of Enterprise Security Software. Michael Moss, CEO of Value-4IT states, “we were honoured to be considered by Vanguard Integrity Professionals to promote their Enterprise Security Software solutions for UK and Eire distribution. The demonstrable TCO and ROI ethos of Vanguard Integrity Professionals to deliver the most cost efficient highest security function is clearly aligned to the Value-4IT mission of perpetually lowering TCO with fair software pricing and a demonstrable short-term ROI”.

Security Management is a fundamentally important function in any IT organization and Vanguard Security Solutions safeguard customers from security exposures and breaches with end-to-end and cradle-to-grave functions, which simply Find It, Fix It, Lock It Down™! Michael Moss further states, “as the company name suggests, Vanguard Integrity Professionals have been at the forefront of IBM Mainframe security solutions for several decades, constantly evolving and adding to their software portfolio, with high quality products. Furthermore, the annual Vanguard Security & Compliance Conference is a well thought of highly attended event, which no doubt has had a positive impact on increasing the efficiency of IBM Mainframe security processes globally”.

Vanguard offers an integrated suite of security software products that are designed to meet today's unprecedented security challenges. The products bring together formerly separate functions of security administration, access and authentication, reporting and analysis, and policy compliance. Each product can be used independently or together as an integrated solution.

Michael Moss concluded by saying “by definition, the IBM Mainframe demonstrates the highest availability and security attributes for mission critical applications globally; such a well recognized and accepted observation is partly attributable to the robust security solutions delivered to the market place by Vanguard over the last several decades…”

About Vanguard Integrity Professionals
Vanguard Integrity Professionals provides enterprise security software and services that solve complex security and regulatory compliance challenges for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the world. With solutions for Identity and Access Management, Audit and Compliance, Security Administration and Intrusion Detection, Vanguard automates processes necessary to identify and mitigate the risks customers face. Vanguard’s customers receive a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) and are able to focus on other critical business needs thereby becoming more productive and more secure. For more information, please visit Vanguard Integrity Professionals.

For more information regarding the Vanguard Enterprise Security Software solutions, please feel free to Contact Us for a no obligation discussion regarding your requirements. Thank you.
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